What it’s like to be a St. Joseph Worker?

The SJW Program strives to go beyond the usual volunteer experience by incorporating transformative components that allow women to reflect on their work and explore new possibilities for their lives. The St. Joseph Worker Program’s mission is to empower women to respond to the needs of the time in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Learn more about our Mission and Vision Statements. Each SJW works at their placement for thirty-six hour a week. Four hours each week are dedicated to training, educational opportunities, community time, spiritual growth, activism, and learning community organizing skills. By harnessing individual talents and passions, SJWs help create a better future for themselves, and the local and global community.

We invite you to learn more about how to apply. Please contact us with any questions.

For more information about the program, below are a few of the dynamic tools that SJWs use to become change agents.


Each Worker is matched with a non-profit organization where they serve for 36 hours each week.  Our placements allow SJWs to do direct service or advocacy, serve in education, social services or health care environments, and provide community outreach or communications.  Our Workers are matched with an available placement site that best fits their interests, skills and passion. Learn more about our Placement Sites.


Workers live together in an intentional community.  More than just being roommates, living in community means sharing resources like transportation and a food budget and building relationships with each person by sharing time and experiences together.  Creating community takes time, engagement and willingness to be honest and vulnerable with each other.  


Each year Program staff seeks out and offers various local and national opportunities to enhance social justice knowledge and provide experiential learning. Past opportunities have included legislative advocacy with Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, Whipple building vigils, US/Mexico border immersion and service, participating in the United Nations commission on the Status of Women in New York, NY and participating in area social justice conferences. 


A regular part of the Program is the opportunity to delve more deeply into the Program values of spirituality, social justice, leadership and living in intentional community. This takes place as: 

  • Monthly Program days for trainings, reflection and community building
  • Monthly mentoring meetings with SJW Program Staff 
  • Multiple retreats 
  • Individual professional and justice focused connections 


One-to-Ones, a cornerstone of good community organizing, are casual meetings involving two people who meet to consciously share their stories and their passions. Initiating one-to-ones is a skill that builds strong connections with leaders and other mentors in the Twin Cities area. This public relationship building is invaluable for the Workers and makes change happen. 


In addition to the intangible benefits and personal growth that happens in a service year, our Program also provides: 

  • Stipend 
  • Housing 
  • Food Allowance 
  • Transportation for program activities 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Spiritual Mentor 
  • College loan deferment or forbearance  
  • AmeriCorps Education Award – if eligible (see below) 
  • Ongoing connection to community of Sisters of St. Joseph 


The St. Joseph Worker Program is an AmeriCorps affiliate through our partnership with Notre Dame Mission Volunteers. Many of our  St. Joseph Worker positions are AmeriCorps positions as well. Completing an AmeriCorps service year for qualifying positions earns an Educational Award of $6,495.00 to repay past federal loans or to use towards future schooling. AmeriCorps Members are also connected with other AmeriCorps communities and resources. 

View our FAQs and learn more about how to apply. Contact us with questions!